Caracol overcomes the limits of traditional 3D Printing offering customized advanced design-to-production solutions for different sectors


We want to redesign the current production system, enabling manufacturing companies to find their way towards a more efficient, progressive, and sustainable future, through a more sensible use of technology and respect for available resources

Our Values

Caracol Progressiveness Robotic 3D Printing


For us being open-minded, adaptable, creative and innovative is an imperative. We believe there is always a new way of doing things

3D printed components, Caracol-AM

Customer Centricity

We work to make our client’s lives easier – this requires being honest, available, always listening to their needs, and tending to them in a precise, punctual and transparent manner

Caracol Sustainability Robotic 3D printing


We want to be active participants of the revolution that will go towards a more sustainable production system

Sustainability for us

Circular Economy Infographic, Caracol-AM

Optimized supply chain

By customizing production fully according to needs and to manage logistics in the most efficient

Eliminating waste

By having a technology that doesn’t generate further waste and doesn’t require additional tools to produce parts

Circular Economy

By giving new life to what would otherwise be wasted materials lost in production process by other companies

Flexible production lines

By having a technology that is not restricted to the manufacturing of a specific part and can be adapted to new production needs



Via Marisa Bellisario, 6C, 20825, Barlassina (MB), Italy