What we can do for you

Product Design and Concept Development

Design &
Concept Development

Using the most advanced AM software and design techniques we can bring to life products and components.

Topological Optimization


We optimize design for production in AM and we can test components’ mechanical and thermal performance.

caracol additive manufacturing no scale limits

Prototypes & Pre-Series
with no size limits

Using both a variety of industrial 3D printers and an advanced robotic system for meter large prints.

Caracol SLA DfAM

Line Production
of Finished Parts

Our flexible manufacturing setup can be organized to print multiple series of pieces. 

Caracol Materials Characterization

Materials characterization
& waste recycling

We develop 3D printing materials in filament or pellet form, starting from production waste materials or according to specific needs. 

Support internalizing 3d printing service

Support Internalizing
Additive Manufacturing solutions

We assist in understanding needs, identifying and providing the best tech, we install it and provide after service assistance.

3D Printing Training and Workshops

Additive Manufacturing
Training & Workshops

We train company employees on 3D printing tech: project planning, tech use, identifying and knowing materials.

How we work with our partners

Consultancy for 3d printing services

Preliminary Studies

Assess partner’s needs, customize offer and enable the introduction of 3D printing within their production system.

Engineering for Additive Manufacturing applications

Engineering for AM Production

Optimizing design of component for 3D Printing applications, identifying the right materials and technology.

Prototyping solutions

Prototyping & Pre-series

Production of the first units to undergo necessary form, fit and functionality testing.

Final components manufacturing solutions

Line Production

Manufacturing of final piece (up to 20’000 units) – the component’s design can be adjusted during the process.

Why our partners choose us:

Up to 70%

product cost saving

Up to 60%

Waste Reduction

Up to 50%

Weight reduction

Full customization

at single unit level

Recycle Client's

production waste

Inventory & Logistics

cost reduction

Development Time