Extruder Joint

Year: 2019

Material: PPS Carbon, Stainless Steel

Industry: Industrial Machinery

We designed and engineered a new extruder for 3D Printing to use on our robot arms. Some components of this new tool are produced thanks to the most innovative techniques in additive manufacturing: high-performance technopolymers with carbon fiber and metal printing.

The carter of the extruder works as structural interface of the tool, connecting the engine to the screw to the supply tank. By 3D printing PPS Carbon it was possible to produce such a complex geometry in a single print: the carter is able to resist up to 220 ° C, replacing metal in the manufacturing of the object.

The other component to be manufactured through 3D printing is a joint, that also work sas a heat disperser. In this case metal was necessary to achieve the thermal resistance and conductivity needed for its function. We designed a customized version of the joint, with spiral channels passing inside its body, to permit the flow of a coolant liquid to facilitate heat dissipation.

Metal 3D printing has allowed the production of these internal cavities that cannot be reproduced neither with mold, nor through mechanical asportation.

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