Pinze Sick

Year: 2018

Material: PA6 Carbon

Industry: Industrial Machinery

The project is a redesign of a pair of grippers for 6-axis robots Kuka Agilus and Kuka KR Cybertech.

The aim is to replace the metal with which the original tool was previously produced, in order to manufacture a new version both lightweight and mechanically performing, according to our client’s needs.

We redesigned the shape of the traditional grippers and used an innovative additive manufacturing technology to create a continuous carbon fiber tool coated with a nylon body. Carbon PA6 allowed to keep the mechanical characteristics of the piece, increasing its lightness by 50%, compared to the original version. Furthermore, the geometry of the grippes has been simplified, reducing the components to 3, compared to 5 for the original part.

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Via del Seprio, 42, 22074 Lomazzo (CO), Italy
415 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, 10017, New York, N.Y., USA