Robotic Arm 3D Printing – Platforms & Software | All3DP

Robotic Arm 3D Printing – Platforms & Software | All3DP

“Robot 3D printing – also called robotic arm 3D printing and robotic additive manufacturing – combines a 3D printer head with multi-axis robots to create a much more flexible 3D printer than conventional three-axis (XYZ) machines. The robotic arm, with its high movement range, opens up a whole new world of design freedom in 3D printing. The arm is able to print from practically any angle, enabling extremely complex, curved geometries. It also provides much larger print sizes than regular printers  –  up to 30 meters or more! […]

Italy-based Caracol developed both the hardware and software powering its robotic additive manufacturing service and is exploring offering its robotic system as a solution commercially.

Caracol uses its proprietary Scalprum 13800 system – parts of which are patented – with KUKA robotic arms as a support to manufacture large-scale prototypes and finished parts, in addition to tools, jigs, molds, and end-use parts. The company says this six-axis technology has no limits in scale and complexity and cuts back significantly in production time and material costs. The company works primarily today in industry and manufacturing, including in the aerospace and automotive sectors. […]

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